Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome To MIFC 2010 Blog.


Welcome everyone to MIFC 2010 blog.

How are you feeling lately?

Are you satisfied of what you are today?

Or you regret for being in this school?

I'm writing today not to tell you how to tell you how to do in a certain way (because everyone has their own ways). But I'm here to share something that I or others have experienced in the past. Or even discussing of what we want to be in the future. For being medical personnel are jobs that need you to sacrifice more than the others. Even if it means your own body and soul. Did you ever think of that before choosing this path?

I've heard that many people 'whining' about the hardship and all. Is this something that we have in common?Well this is something that me, myself and everyone should put aside. Remember that "Any process worth going through will get tougher before it gets easier". Just think this as something that will shape us in the future. I couldn't recall any of the great doctor or dentist do it easily. Surely the have to go a lot of hardship before turning into who we know this day.

If I want to put it in an easier way, let just think that doctor as a sacred duty. It's a calling. Like when we were call into battle. And if we want to win it at all cost, we have to do it with style and knowledge. How are we going to do it then? That's what we are going to discover together. To learn it the "Muslim's Way". And we should be proud of being a Muslim.

So be sure to register now for we have a lot of surprises for all of you. And if you have something to share on how you want or what you want, drop us a comment or mail. Let be part of something bigger and wonderful. Don't let others tell that we are nobody. Instead let show them we are somebody. For being a doctor is bless.

People say Ignorance is bliss; I say ignorance is going to increase the bills.

Thank you.

MIFC 2010.

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