Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Now I truly understand why they say that " heaven is beneath the mother's feet ". I feel like grabbing my mum's size 5 1/2 feet right now but sadly she's probably busy shopping for jades in Hong Kong or I wishfully hope that she is eyeing a NINEWEST handbag instead for her miserable daughter who is left over here struggling her ass off trying extremely hard to comprehend the subject labor.

Now I know why a mum could actually cry when her child grow up a successful bastard. Giving birth is ain’t that easy. Swallow my words, it is in fact bloody bloody bloody bloody bloody painful.

Last time mothers die giving birth you know? The maternal mortality rate of JUST giving birth was at least 30%.

You were made all messy, you were born all messy from the vagina OKAY as in the small little tiny weenie hole and not to forget the most awful horrible smell furthermore the mother had to be in the most embarrassing position and then you think you want to rule the world? Think again then.

Now I understand why there is such verse saying that we couldn’t even say ‘uhh’ to our dear mothers.

Till the time we get to be in that position to experience ourselves. I wish those jerks had to go through this horrifying process of JUST giving birth. Would it actually un-jerk them?

Today I witnessed a mother who went through the labor WITHOUT pethidine (painkiller), she was crying like mad and exhausted like hell. The baby had difficulty coming out from the down under. The nurses actually asked both the husband and wife to feel for the baby’s hair just to motivate the mother so that she won’t stop trying. I detected the ‘turtle’s sign’ where the head is playing ‘cak-cak’ but it just wouldn’t come out. Then we were halau-ed by the nurses as they were having some complications, later I know the baby eventually came out with a caput head and were sent to the NICU.

Yesterday, a patient of mine a very nice counselor who came in with the signs of labor i.e she has had painful and regular contractions and also show. She is a G3P2+1, she had a history of an incomplete miscarriage, a previous scar of a lower segment caesarean section due to a breech presentation, and a successful vaginal delivery with complications of multiple vaginal tears and post partum hemorrhage. It is scary enough JUST trying to absorb the information. And that haunted her, she said she was so traumatized that she didn’t want to go through it again but all she knew she came again to the same so-called elite hospital (I very much hate this place) with a fat 9 months belly. The husband was so anxious as the wife is struggling in so much pain that he kept looking at my lecturer, why? Because the doctors there couldn’t be bothered at all to explain to him that they couldn’t give her the painkiller because she is already 6 cm dilated as the medication could make her drowsy thus she will not have the power to push later so he thought they refused to give the meds probably because it is expensive since it is a government's hospital. All is needed here is an explanation, a 30 seconds worth of explanation. As simple as that. Only after my lecturer had the ‘courtesy’ to explain then only the husband remained calm. I assisted the midwife during the suturing process, I could see the tears around the birth canal because the patient has an extremely fragile skin. I stood there and talked to the patient just to alleviate her anxiety. And by JUST talking actually helps A LOT.

Medicine is ain’t JUST about holding the scalpels or forceps; it is about dealing with human beings NOT a disease but souls just like YOU and ME, souls with hearts.

credits to everyday husna

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